Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness tracker watch for iOS and Android

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The worlds most popular fitness band - it's official!

Millions of these fitness bands have been sold since they launched in 2014.

The Mi Band 2 is the latest wearable fitness tracker from Chinese hardware giant Xiaomi. It follows the affordable but feature-rich Mi Band and Mi Band 1S and introduces a great touchscreen OLED display for the first time so you can see more at a glance. An improved pedometer algorithm filters out unnecessary movements for better accuracy and is also kinder to the battery for prolonged battery life. The Mi Band 2 is powered by a 70mAh cell that offers approximately 20 days of use on a single charge.

The built in motion sensor detects exactly when your workout begins meaning you do not have to tell it when you start exercising. You can sync with the Mi Fit app to monitor your running speed and heart rate in real time. The Mi Fit app is the place to view daily, weekly monthly and even instant statistics about your sleep, steps and heart rate.

The app also tracks your sleeping patterns and knows when you enter deep sleep. The sleep assistant measures your heart rate while you are sleeping ensuring light and deep sleep patterns are recorded more accurately.

As well as a fitness tracker the Mi band can display notifications for calls, text messages and notification from selected applications and is compatible with Apple IOS and Android smartphones.

The Mi band is IP67 rated meaning it is splash and dust resistant and is durable against sweat and cosmetics. The glossy display is UV coated and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The band is hypoallergenic with a smooth finish and is comfortable to wear, even for people with sensitive skin.

It has been tested to the extemes:

Heat tested to 70 degrees centigrade for 128 hours.

Cold tested to -20 degrees centigrade for 128 hours.

Drop tested 12 times from a height of 1.2m onto a marble surface.

Corrosion tested with petroleum jelly and left for 24 hours.

An unbelievable piece of kit for the price!

Mi Band 2 - Time to step up